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Thread: Meths Prices - Methylated Spirits

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    500ml B&M bargains 1-95, local builders merchant 5-50 for same make/size
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    Sorry to drag up a old thread but just come back from trago myself with 2ltrs of meths for 3.odd which works out less than 12 for 6ltrs now that's good considering average price is around 18 to 25 pound for 5ltrs

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    Trago is good for the meths. Been burning a fair amount of the stuff this weekend on Exmoor. Time to restock from Trago me thinks.

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    A 1 quart container of denatured alcohol cost $7.00 from the local hardware store - it was on a sale at the time, as it normally sells for a little over $8.00. Surprisingly, this was a cheaper buy than what the Amazonian offers.
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    I find it's the cost of the tonic water and lemon that are the real issues.

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    another source of Meths,TOOLSTATION,500ml-2.47..2litres-6.81
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