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Thread: It's for WHAT ?

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    It's for WHAT ?

    *Every Day Carry* ..... *Survival Kit* ..... *Possibles Pouch* ..... *Bugout Bag* !!!!!!!!!!

    Do we have definate descriptions of all these ? Isn't an EDC the same as a Possibles Pouch ?

    Bugout Bag isn't that just a Survival bag, only bigger, or do only *Preppers* have Bugout Bags ?

    I am not out in the woods everyday, as I am sure you are all not either. All I would carry would be a UK legal folding knife in my pocket and a micro LED torch on my keyring. Anything else would only be carried in my main Rucksack, or Survival pouch, when I am in the woods.

    Anybody want to have a stab at explaining all this ?

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    I would think they all come under the term belt-kit if that helps

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    possibles pouch is just a bag you could put anything in.

    EDC = every day carry = knife lighter etc.

    Survival kit + small items in an easy to carry container for in the pocket.

    bugout bag is a major bag of longer term survival / E&E / disaster stuff. in my view bug out bag isnt exclusively prepper.

    i believe in the army they say that you survive with what is in your pockets,fight with whats in your belt kit and live with whats in your rucksack ,so given we arent actually fighting yet we survive with whats in our pockets and live with whats on our backs. A country living forum to compliment your bushcraft way of life.

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