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Thread: winter sleeping bag suggestions

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    I think that statement might have been written by Falmouth's premier pork pie maker (who was excluded from the Guild of Pasty Makers for not knowing his turnips from his swedes).

    It gets bloody cold down here in St Ives in the winter and the wind can get so strong it literally knocks people off their feet. Then there is the rain, which is always fun, but back to the point.

    You might already have one of these, but on the off chance you don't, as far as value for money goes, you really can't beat the...

    Czech Army Bed Roll £9.99

    Czech Army Bedroll sleeping bag consists of:
    1 x water resistant nylon outer (zip closure and complete with hood
    1 x wool/fleece type button in thick blanket with trimmed edges
    1 x linen washable inner
    These bags are great reissue condition mostly unused and very warm.

    I've used it temperatures around freezing and I know a few folks who have used them down to between -5 to -10 (in both a hammock and a tent) and been nice and toasty.

    If you have a bit more cash to spend and really want a sleeping bag, this might tickle your fancy:

    Arctic Sleeping Bag £39.00

    Synthetic Fibre Filled
    Mummy Hood with draw cord
    Velco filled flap over zip on the inside
    2 large net pouches on the inside by hands! A good place to keep keys, torches, ammo and anything else you need to keep close.
    1/2 Length Front Heavy Zip
    Weighs 3kg and has a diameter of 250mm

    Size Medium upto 5’9”

    Size Large upto 6’4”
    Size XL upto 6’10”

    These are Grade 2 will need washing and may have small outer skin pulls around stitching.

    No experience of the latter, but I have a mate who has one and he reckons it is the business (although it does take up 1/4 - 1/3 of his bergen).

    Good luck,

    Ansum La

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    Evening all.

    Not super cheap but still a 'budget' bag and brand new as well. Will be more than enough for Cornwall in the winter and not too bad a colour.

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    I like the name of their shop.

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    I have ordered an army arctic sleeping bag

    I will let you know what it is like when it arrives

    Thanks for all the suggestions

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