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Thread: Arctic with Bruce Parry

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    Its good to see old Bruce back on the telly and doing it better than ever! i loved this one and am eagerly looking forward to the next episode!

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    Talland Bay.. An pleg-mor Kernewek hag a wra kovyow
    "In the far north Bruce witnesses the annual whale hunt of the Inupiak people whose ancient tradition is now at odds with the modern world and questions what is more important: the life of a whale or the death of a culture?"
    Loving this series.. Bruce is a very good reporter and I like his style..
    I think its really sad that these guys up in the Arctic are having to give up their way of life, because of conservationists, and modern methods of raping the seas to feed us lot.
    I also feel a bit sad that the BBC have to state "Guidance contains some upsetting scenes". We are so far removed from where meat comes from these days, that warning have to be given.
    Maybe I am being over sensitive, because I have to kill most of what I eat these days and know the full story of how a living animal becomes mankind's food..
    Is it just me..?

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    I have been watching it and think it is really good and very educational.
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