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Thread: Coracle fishing tradition passed down through generations

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    Smile Coracle fishing tradition passed down through generations

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    By night, ghostly silhouettes can been seen drifting silently in the moonlight along the River Tywi in Carmarthen, Wales.

    Always working in pairs, the figures are actually fishermen carrying on an ancient tradition.
    Using boats known as coracles, a net is used to catch salmon and sea trout from the dark waters.
    Raymond Rees has now retired but has passed his knowledge on to his son Malcolm, who works a regular job by day but carries on the family fishing tradition by night.
    For it is only when seven stars can be seen in the sky that the coracle fishermen deem it dark enough to fish.
    With the number of coracle fishermen now dwindling, those that remain are determined to see the tradition continue.
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    Nice wee video there


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