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Thread: Around Suffolk and SE

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smilla View Post
    Hi Ben
    I've been on a bike once in my life and I've never been in the army, but I hope you won't mind me saying hello. I'm newish to bushcraft, by way of a roundabout route that includes climbing and some bits of mountaineering and a lifetime's worth of camping, and I'm trying to meet some like minded people in Suffolk. I'm based in Ipswich, and without wanting to ride the back on anyone else's hard work, I wondered if anyone local-ish has any good haunts they might be prepared to let on about, or if there is anyone out there who might fancy a couple of nights out as the evenings draw in. It'd be good to hear from you, and maybe pick your brains.

    Hi Becca

    I'm not around Ipswich anymore but there are a few guys on here from around the area I'm sure they will pick up on the thread when they see you have posted. I hope it all works out for you Mark from Romford sorts weekends out if you have transport.

    CLAP clearly loudly, as an order, with pauses

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    Hi Becca, Welcome to the forum.

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    Hi Tony, thank you. You make your own knives?? until the wilderness gathering this year, I'd have said that between them a mora, a bushman and a laplander had all my needs covered, but then I held a gorgeous Eka... I can see that they could become a dangerously pricey habit...

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