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Thread: 2 nights in Cannock chase (pic heavy)

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    Thats so true lol

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    Hi guys, looks like a good time was had, thanks for sharing

    I'm gonna be working in Cannock this week wed-fri and after much deliberation, I've decided not to pay for digs and just camp out instead. I'll be taking a break from my usual hammock rig and going to ground for a couple of nights under tarp.

    So, can anybody recommend any fine spots where being disturbed is unlikely, I see Adam posted saying Cannock chase is a major dog walking magnet. However, I'll be setting up and bedding down just before dark and I'll be up early doors and packing up both nights, probably try two different spots too. If anyone can help that would be great, if not.... make it up as I go works for me too It doesn't have to be on the chase, just Cannock area and if you wanna PM me instead of post here, then thats cool

    All help would be gratefully recieved

    Thanks in advance

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