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Thread: Holy trinity...

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    Holy trinity...

    I've gone to the bush for a week a few times before now and gotten by with only one edged tool. I took my old issued MOD survival knife. You know, the one with the awful reputation. It worked really well. Held its edge, took small trees down ( I'm in B.C Canada), split and batonned for fun...loved it.

    Nowadays, I like to take three tools with me, namely:

    Mora Triflex
    Gerber axe. The one with the handle moulded around the head and the Fiskars blade. Must be about 14" long, maybe 16".
    Silky pocket boy 130.

    With these three tools, I can achieve any task in the bush. I've taken large trees, filleted trout, carved spoons and needles, made feathersticks, splot roots for cordage...

    I think I've found my winning formula. What approach are people in the U.K going for nowadays? A one-tool approach with a heavy knife or specialised tools? Would love to hear what people are carrying.

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    Have the MOD survival knives got a bad reputation? I know that they're heavy but I never had any problems with mine.
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    I love mine. I think most people feel they're a bit on the clunky side for bushcraft. But in terms of a bombproof tool that can do all but the fiddliest of tasks, I'd have to take it.

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