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    Field and Trek

    Not affiliated to this company but amazed at the prices on their website. Try for some amazing deals. Lidl prices but in branded goods. I bought some KARRIMOR trousers last night at 1900 and they were delivered today at 1100. I don't think even Hennie have managed that for me before.
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    Field & Trek is the same as SportsDirect (.com). They bought the Karrimor brand name a few years back and have been making goods under that trade name since. Don't be confused with the excellent quality stuff that used to be made by Karrimor many years ago when it was a specialist kit maker.

    Having said that, I've got a few Karrimor bits and bobs and bought two of their 60 litre dry bags from last week. Just be aware of what they and the brand are these days.

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    I picked up a pair of Karrimor Orkney 5 mens walking boots for £29 in the Sports Direct pre Xmas sale (which I believe became the New Year Sale, then the Spring Sale).

    They are a no frills boot that have vibram soles and have proven to be waterproof in pretty heavy conditions. They are also the most comfortable boot I have worn in a very long time. Three and a bit months of use and nary a sign ware and tear (and as I do a lot of walking, they have been given a fair pounding).

    I have heard a lot of people say that the quality of Karrimor's products has declined in recent years and for the most part, I'd be inclined to agree, but if you keep your eyes peeled, the odd great quality product pop up every now and then and they are often very reasonably priced.
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    I will back this one up. I have been wearing Karrimor boots non stop for a year now (yes the wife complains in bed and no my feet don't smell) and appart from a new set of gel insoles they are still going strong and very comfortable. They have even stayed waterproof. In fact, looking back, appart from the odd few days in steel toe caps and a day in smart shoes for a christening I have literally not worn any other footware. Best 50 quid I ever spent.

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    Thanks for the info, now I'll definitely get my self a Karrimor pair to stop me from using my Chirucas every day, they far too nice and comfy to waste on using them as a everyday footwear.

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