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Thread: Tick Bite Prevention Week

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    Damned cat came in tonight with a not so nice, big, fat, juicy, ugly tick on its back. The wife went all funny so out came the tick tweezers for the first time. Ticks make a funny popping sound when you put a lighter to them

    Edit - just had a thought, the only place he goes is in the back garden! That is not a comforting thought but goes to show that these suckers are never far away.
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    Wherever there is wildlife you will find ticks.....a lot of people still think you only find them hiking in the Highlands of Scotland......far from it...There is a plan that shows you how you can try and limit the amount of ticks coming into your garden, on our website (I will put a link at the bottom) but nothing is full proof. For example a tick attaches to a bird, has it's blood meal. Then it retracts and falls wherever that bird is that is where the tick will fall....that why awareness is so important...but it should never ever stop you enjoying the great outdoors....

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    Xeroshield are doing a online questionnaire about ticks and Lyme disease, the information gathered from this will be shared with BADA-UK so will be of great benefit to us....if you live in Scotland and can spare a few minutes to fill it in that would be great...

    On the subject of ticks and Lyme disease, you may be interested to know that a leading Scottish life sciences company called Xeroshield is currently looking for members of the public who live and/or work in Scotland to take five minutes to fill out a simple online survey as part of a major new study.

    Xeroshield is exploring the development of a device to remove ticks from humans and pets, combined with a laboratory service for the detection of Lyme disease in ticks collected and immobilised using this device. The study is designed to assess the potential market for such a product and service. But it is also expected to generate valuable data about general awareness of ticks and Lyme disease in Scotland.

    The survey asks a series of very straightforward questions about people’s own experience of ticks and Lyme disease in Scotland. Xeroshield is keen to hear from anyone who spends long periods of time outdoors for work or leisure and is therefore at higher risk of being bitten by ticks.

    At a later stage, Xeroshield also plans to carry out more detailed interviews and focus groups and would be particularly interested to hear from anyone willing to participate in these later this year.

    If you live and/or work in Scotland, would like to find out more about this project, and to complete the ticks and Lyme disease survey online, please visit:

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    Was in Tiso's minding my own business when spotted a tick testing kit that you can buy - it doesn't ask them awkward maths questions - it supposedly tells you whether the tick is a Lyme Disease carrier (for the squeamish out there it does involve macerating it in a test tube type thing). Not sure whether this is a good thing or not, as it could scare the bejeezuz out of those not used to ticks, because it doesn't tell you if YOU've got Lyme D. Like a hypochondriac looking at a medical dictionary and seeing all the symptoms and diseases he's got!! After Saddie's good info - I think asume that you might have a carrier and look for telltale signs (or better still prevent the tick sitting on/biting you in the first place with clothing etc.). Not going to buy it but am interested in what others think...

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    Interesting piece on the BBC news yesterday morning about tics. They recommended that you use eyebrow tweezers to pull the tick out and said NOT to twist them. Don't you just love the BBC? They sound so authoritative but frequently get it so wrong. The sad thing is that people will listen to their bad advice and take it as gospel because the BBC said so!

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    Yip wasn't the best article.....the tweezers were as you said normal eye brow ones....and if any they should be fine nosed ones, but you don't twist with tweezers only the tick twister. Also DO NOT remove with your fingers like was shown either.....they didn't help giving that information....

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