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Thread: Embossing leather

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    Embossing leather

    Does anyone do leather embossing? I fancy having a go. How hard is it and what tools would I need. Any advice appreciated.

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    Hi WW,The tools are a bit pricey,have alook on ebay under leatherwork Ithink

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    I got given an embossing kit that Lidl were selling a while ago. I have yet to try it, but its just a soldering iron looking thing with a few different attachments. You could easy make up something similar with an old soldering iron, and using nails (that fit in the end) filed down into different shapes.
    I filed down the head of a clout nail into a pick axe shape, which is on old family coats of arms emblem. As I use a pick axe a fair bit at work, I thought it would be a nice trade mark, so I use the filed nail on the soldering iron to *brand* the spoons and things I make, like my brew kit spoon below.. It works well on leather too..

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    Hi Woodwose,

    I have just finished a leatherwork course with Arnold Smith in Clevedon nr Bristol and we did a fair amount of leathercarving or embossing as you don't actually remove any leather as you work. Some types of carving such as basket weave design use one stamping tool used repeatedly to create a pattern or you can create freehand pieces of art using just 7 main tools such as a swivel knife, modelling tool, and a few other stamping and bevelling tools. These can be bought singularly as you require them or as a set, a search on the internet for leathercraft tools will bring up loads of results.

    If you would like to see what is possible after a few weeks of practice check out my blog
    I hope this is of help to you and best of luck with your future leathercrafting.

    Regards Izzy.
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    Thanks for the replies chaps.
    Izzy that's great work, looks like a great course too. If I lived nearer I would like to have done that course.
    The shoulder bag with the celtic design is excellent.
    I have put a link to Le Prevo below. Which tools would you reccomend to start with.

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