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Thread: Habitat versus bonfire

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    What he is refering to is symbiosis life,insects fungi and other plants that feed and live off the dead plant matter which in turn breaks down to provide nutrients and nitrogen back into the soil for the living flora to feed on.This is a natural cycle and by taking it away through burning this symbiosis life will disappear and with it the flora and birds that thrive upon it will go.
    Im not far off attending a weekend stay in a hornbeam woodlands that has been left unattended and unmanaged for a while,the result is a healthy layer of dead broken down plant matter and good soil that has encouraged a healthy carpet of blubells to grow everywhere.This is natures work at its best and feel that the only work us humans should partake in is managing trails to preserve trampling the rest of the ground flora,treating diseased areas and vermin control.
    Great Vid and a Valid point put across....
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    If you are running a commercial woodland I was always taught that leaving brash around encouraged rabbit and other vermin. Having since worked with more "enlightened" woodland owners some work on no more than 3 burn sites per acre and others such as Bradfield Woods use brash to cover Hazel stools when they have been cut for coppicing.
    I did ask the Bradfield Woods if they used deer fencing but their results speak for themselves. They do sometimes use Deer fencing but, even with a grant, it is dependant on being maintained*
    The only animal not deterred by this brash cover method seems to Muntjac
    The woodlands where they had 3 burn sites per acre was teeming with life whereas another wood which was managed for the benefit of the Public, they put out signs, bird feeders etc, seemed almost lifeless by comparison.
    If you are in the fortunate position to own your woods then don't just take down trees because they are dead. As long as they do not pose a danger, leave them in place as they are a valuable habitat for all sorts of flora and fauna.

    * Most of the damage comes from Walkers who seem to think that they have a God given right to walk where ever they feel like
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