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    Evacpack, not heard much about this store, but they had some sharpening items at a good price. Transaction was smooth, standard email telling me what items I had bought. Followed up by order status, then Items posted email. Goods where received in two days. I Would use this store again.

    This store has the usual bushcrafty stuff,although when you click on some products you get a, coming soon message.

    They are also trialling a home visit for people in the north west, sort of like a tupperware party, where you get your mates round and they bring outdoor products for you to try out. Personally I don't have that many mates for a bushcraft party, or live in the north west, so how this idea will pan out remains to be seen. Mmhhh, Intristin concept.

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    You've gota checkout their team: lol

    The grade of website design doesn't give me confidence, but each to their own, remember everyone to check into a company before you order.
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    lol what a team.
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