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Thread: Dubbing

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    Quote Originally Posted by rossbird View Post
    Didn't dubbing tend to rot the stitching on boots?
    Not heard of that one,it's news to me!.used it for donkeys years with no problems...Sounds like a lot of eye water.

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    Nikwax primarily & SnoSeal when I can get it. I have used tins of Dubbin (Doc Martens brand) on my trainers. I bought a few tins from the Doc Martens Glasgow store. Tins are now empty & kept for making/storing Charcloth. I've got spare tins.

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    Ifleather boots are left untreated for a long time and it simultaneously has been wet repeatedly, then the leather eventually begin to dry. When leather becomes dry, it tends to pull together. It will sooner or later result in cracking.

    Hiking boots and shoes made both of art materials and leather (leather), both in combination or even just one. In addition, there are several different types and qualities of leather:

    Nubuck leather - leather where the outside is sanded with sand to a matt appearance
    Nubuck leather is sanded / brushed up to give the leather better breathing abilities, and that minor injuries do not seem as good. There are special brushes to ruffling up Nubuck-leather with. Before that uses a liquid impregnation. Greased Nubuck leather with wax will eventually look more like and act like smooth leather.

    Smooth leather - leather used with the outside out.
    Feel free to use wax to impregnate smooth leather, or of a spray. Also remember to use shoe polish regularly.

    Split leather - are produced by the leather being cut away from the back of the smooth leather.
    The most affordable leather quallity, but works fine for many kinds of shoes and boots, including trekking / hiking shoes, light hiking boots. Split leather breathes well, is light in weight and softer. Use proofing spray on footwear made of split leather and textile - or a means intended for suede / nubuck. Are boot only in split leather can wax used, but please note that the leather will then lose the good breathing properties and appearance.

    Reversed leather (reversed leather) - leather used with meat side out
    Use to get the most waterproof boot - regardless of Gore-Tex. Features include on heavy boots intended for use with crampons. Treat as suede, feel free to use silicone-containing waterproofing.


    All these types of leather or synthetic material can be combined with Gore-Tex. Gore-Tex is not the actual material of the shoe, but a membrane located on the inside of the leather / art material to give the boot extra resistance to moisture. This membrane prevents water to penetrate into the boot while not preventing moisture coming out of the boot. Gore-Tex is thus between the outer fabric and lining.

    To relieve Gore-Tex membrane slightly, it must be ensured that the outer material is the most water-resistant and that it stays soft and supple.

    For Gore-Tex to function properly and breathable it is important to wash the inside of the shoe in between. This is done by filling the boots with lukewarm water and let it stand for a while. Fill up and shake your boots well with water.

    ....or just give it a good dose of kiwi sho shine once in a while :-)
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    i use renapur leather balsam on all my leather from boots to sheathes etc.. never let me down and its minimum fuss too... my boots take an absolute hammering on a daily basis.. even more so during the shooting season and they look and feel as good as new...

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