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Thread: A Wild Thought

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    Have a look at this before you get too excited about driving down.

    Also, I would suggest a read of the Vehicle Dependant Expedition Guide by Tom Sheppard. You do need to be a pretty capable spannerman; at least that's my experience.
    Mauritania and most of Mali are going to hell in a handcart at present
    Morocco, along the coast, is generally OK but there have been some demonstrations that have been a bit hairy for Europeans
    Travel down through Algeria is not possible at present. The main problem used to be robbers but I haven't been down through there for a few years
    Since the Iraq / Afghanistan business travel in some countries has become very difficult
    I hope that Libya settles down as I've always fancied an overland to Marble Arch and The Wire
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    Thanks for the links I will have a look like I say it is a wild thought but it will be cool if I can manage it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Realearner View Post
    Think a drive is possible with loads of planning, however if driving would go the Landrover route, or a Toyota.
    4Runner and a Panasonic Toughbook (or two) with a GPS receiver, a match made in heaven!!!!

    Ok, I'm biased, is what I have...............

    Sounds like a fun adventure though.

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