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I'm new to the forum but have been doing bushcraft all my life.
if there is an A G M i would like to go to it and if there is not an A G M then lets get one planned.
I'm in oldbury west-mids close to Birmingham.
Still Water - you will gather from the information provided so far that getting to the point quickly is not something we are strong on so perhaps I can refocus the point of your thread...!

The MODS will correct me if I'm wrong but we are not an organisation, association or club as such and so the closest thing to AGM's are really the key Bushcraft events that happen around the UK during the year that some forum members attend and so as previously mentioned, the Cornish RV is one such meet, the Wilderness Gathering is another and the Bushcraft Show is another, you can Google all of these for the details and you'll also find other threads in the forum on some/all of these events.

Hope this helps...

P.S. - if you go, don't forget to take some cakes....!