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Thread: How to Rehandle an Axe

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazysaint222 View Post
    ... Old tools are much, much better made than new.
    hear, hear!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jon Mac View Post
    Brilliant news Ashley.
    Glad to hear you got it together.
    I hope you and your new axe have a long friendship.
    Best wishes mate.
    Thanks Jon!

    Quote Originally Posted by bikebum1975 View Post
    .. I have a Craftsman hewing head that was given to me gonna carve a handle for it soon ..
    Make sure you share the progress with us look forward to seeing it.
    Ashley Cawley

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashley Cawley View Post
    hear, hear!

    Thanks Jon!

    Make sure you share the progress with us look forward to seeing it.

    Here ya go Mate working on the handle before sending out the head this coming week for a reprofile and sharpening from a buddy of mine.
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    Thanks for this really helpful thread, Ashley. The handle gave out on my trapper's axe, so today I finally got round to cutting down a good
    straight ash from which I split out a piece of a quarter-section for my new handle.Just gotta shape it and fit it now, but I have one question...
    where you drove the two oak wedges at top, I assume you first sawed a kerf in the top of the handle to accept them?

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