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Thread: Bushcraft comes to the Gilwell Reunion

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    Bushcraft comes to the Gilwell Reunion

    For those that don't know, the Reunion is a weekend or day visit to look at craft bases, hear talks, buy stuff etc and with no kids in tow. This year there was a mini Wilderness gathering and it was nice to see this sort of stand at the reunion.

    The Woodlife ‘Table of Death’ stand

    A couple of shots of the stand

    JP prepping his board. He ultimately had 65 people watching this demo.

    This was a Scouting Bushcraft tent.

    And not forgetting Bison Bushcraft.

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    Great weekend that buddy it was a pleasure to be involved, roll on next year
    "Tracking is the road - bushcraft is the vehicle - Nature and wildlife is the destination."

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    Mang u should have said u was going to reunion it would have been good to meet u

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