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Thread: Pack your bags!!!!

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    sleeping bag and dry clothes in dry bag at bottom
    food not needed until camp is set up next
    stove and food needed that day
    Side pockets - spare clothing
    top pocket - basic survival equipment - firesteel, knife etc. + hat and gloves

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    Quote Originally Posted by comanighttrain View Post
    Depends on the pack!

    General rule of thumb is lightest at the bottom, heaviest at the top, day kit in easy to access areas
    Agree depends on the pack ... I use this 5.11 Rush 72 Military Style pack ...

    Pockets for everything and all easy access , even the main compartment opens wide like a suitcase , nothing gets lost in the bottom of the pack

    but you might forget which pocket you put stuff in ... Ha ha ha !!!

    Cheers Whistle
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    Sleeping bag and spare clothing in a drysack at the bottom, waterproofs on top of that.
    Tarp, bug net, bivvy bag, cordage, headtorch and various small items, in left hand pouch.
    Cookset, food, utensils, cleaning equipment, first aid kit, and spare batteries, in right hand pouch.
    Hammock rolled up in sleep mat strapped to the top.

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    I have quite a heavy tent at 3kg. I wedge my sleeping bag wrapped in a bivi at the bottom along with my dry clothes and sleep mat. On top of this I place my tent vertically in the middle so that when wearing the pack it is as close to my body and as central as possible. Around this I then pack any other stuff try to balance it. My cook kit weighs 1kg so goes on the opposite side to my food. Waterproofs, fak and torch in the lid pocket. Water is in a 58 pattern waterbottle on my hip belt. I find packing like this gives a COG close to my body, my coook kit is accessible during the day and if I really want to I could get my waterproofs without taking the pack off (useful with a poncho). My tent is easily pulled out when I need it, just got to make sue I pack the swedish army stove with the hook away from the tent.

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