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Thread: Leather on a block of wood - suitable strop?

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    Sorry got disturbed. Is there a reason or advantage over a rigid strop versus a flexible strop?

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    The glue has dried, so I brought it in and had to try a few dry runs with it.

    Satisfied that the leather was stuck, I went to get the polishing compound. Rubbed it onto the leather like a chalky crayon.

    I then spent a minute stropping the knife back and forth. I'm very satisfied with the result. Shaved the back of my hand with it (hairs popped off as described). The bevel is like a polished trophy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan XF View Post
    I've just watched some of the carter cutlery stuff from the shaving sharp thread and he demonstrates stropping a machete with some newspaper on a wooden block claiming it's the equivalent to using a 20-30,000 grit-stone. He then uses the machete to shave someone's head. He says that the small ceramic particles in the recycled paper not only make the paper white but act as a fine grit. Being a born skeptic I just put the free weekly paper on a work top and srtopped my Enzo Trapper on it for about a minute each side just to prove it's a load of rubbish. I then stroked the edge over the back of my hand and the hairs have literally popped off. Looks like there's something in it after all. I get 2 free strops in the post every week so I won't be buying one any time soon. Going to actually try an shave myself with it and as long as I don't turn my self Kosher I'll let you know how it goes. Next time I'm at a barbecue I'll amaze my host by turning his blunt chef's knife into a razor with a newspaper. Finally a use for the Daily Mail has been discovered!
    Holy crap! Post the link, I heard him say on one of his sharpening videos that he could get the same result as using 1000x and 6000x water stones as he can using a cinder block and newspaper, is all about technique, nothing more! Never went farther than that except shaving with a spoon, etc. but if it's been proven to work................. geez!!!!

    Found it, checked here first and replied before checking my thread.

    Awesome Bernie, makes me want to make one too. Likely I'd go for gluing leather onto a paint stirring stick though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan XF View Post
    I like the strop. Reminds me of going to the barbers when I was in the States but the leather stops they used were flexible rather than rigid. Is there a reason?
    Having a flexible strop will tend to put more of a 'curve' on the final blade profile. Having the leather rigid on the wood minimises the flex and keeps a flatter profile. It just depends on what you want really

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