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Thread: Bushcraft Military Dress Code

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    Quote Originally Posted by Notredame11211 View Post
    There are quite a few people like this in the U.S., but most bushcrafters in the United States think people like this are insane and become frightened at the sight of these radicals. I know that there are definitely people like this in Canada too, especially in the Territories
    So, he is likely one of those types who think that society us going to collapse soon - and that he is among the few who are ready for it? I have heard about the S**t Hits The Fan crowd, seen some of "their" videos - from what I have seen, I suspect many of these people will be the first to get hurt/killed, should an incident like that actually happen.
    Should the s**t really hit the fan one day, people dressed up in fake military uniforms, acting like this guy, would end up getting hurt - or, more likely, hurting them selves - really fast. I think the best advice I have ever seen in a SHTF video is; Do not try to look like or impersonate a law enforcement or military professionel, in the event of at total breakdown, these guys will attract a lot of attention from: A. People seeking your protection, slowing you down and possibly wearing out your recourses. B. People who know that you are in posession of valueable recourses, like weapons, ammunition, medical supplies and field rations (or any other kind of food), wishing to steal these from you, most likely hurting you in the process. C. Frustrated/maddened individuals and groups who might see you as an representative of the system that let them down - causing you to be a prime target for their (violent) anger. I can't find that particular video, but the guy behind it advices the viewer to lose the tactical nylon, OD jumpsuit and military looking AR pattern rifles. In an actual SHTF event, looking like everyone else, actually increases your chances of getting out alive and in one piece, with your survival gear and other recourses hidden in a plain looking backpack. Sound advice IMHO.
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    Nice post ! i'm gona watch em all when i get home from work !
    This guys a chip short of a butty !
    There's no brew without fire.

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    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...... (Rolling on the floor laughing, for quite some time, till my ribs ache).... Hahahahahahahahaha!!!

    Phew.... I do sometimes worry about the people in this world.
    Wake me up when things are over, and I'm Wiser and I'm older!

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    Recognised the bow, we have one like that we use for our Have-a-go archery at fetes and reenactments. I get 8 year-olds to be as accurate with it at our animal face targets in about 5 minutes. But then why shouldn't he be able to play in the woods? I do in our wood.

    BUt, should add that I am not a survivalist, just waiting to know what I want to be when I grow up.
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    What gets me about this guy is that he has left on or even worse sewn on Military identifying insignia - that just begs for trouble.

    I'm with JEEP.

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    jeep- realy good point about that SHTF situation thing with wearing military clothing, an excellent point in fact! i usually wear dpm or other camo when i know i'm gunna get mucky, as they are my hunting clothes and i can get those as dirty or smelly as i like.
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    He started with five arrows and ended with four, Hummmm! he must have lost one. I admit I do wear a lot of military kit when out and about, but then I got it free, so I'm just being frugal with my pennies. I just can't believe he's wearing a Beret, it has to be the most impractical head gear in the woods.

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    Wholey poo !!!

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    Wots wrong with a beret?ooooooooooooooooooooooBetty................. ...OVER the pond guys wont understand,he's about the same stamp as frank

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashley Cawley View Post
    You don't meet any quite like this here in the UK either!....
    There was some fat walty dribbler on the front of the Daily Hate about two years ago and he came from Great Yarmouth - still that might explain a lot
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