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Thread: DD frontline or travel hammock?

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    DD frontline or travel hammock?

    hi all,
    i am not sure which one of these to get. they are both around the £45, and they both have good reviews. the only difference i can see is that the travel is waterproof, but the frontline is apparently comfier. do any of you have views on them? i may resort to flipping a coin or something....
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    I had a similar dilema. In the end I went for the Frontline and was so pleased with it I got one each for the rest of the family.

    My reasoning was that realistically I'm not too likely to use it on its own as a bivy, I had heard some people had problems with condensation in the travel, I had read reviews that said they didn't think the travel was thick enough to be very durable as a bivy. If I think there is a likelihood that there won't be any trees to hang where I'm going, I can either take a light groundsheet for under the tarp and still use my Frontline on the ground for the midge net, or just take my tent.

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    well i have neither however have looked into both the dd travel hammock is waterproof so obviously a good choice however if your are hot and sweaty ther is no way for the sweat to be released and wil just sit in the bottom of your hammock. im not quite sure about the frontline but im thinking about getting the travel hammock happy bushcraft

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    The main differance is that the frontline is breathable, making for a comfier sleep, and the Travel is not.

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    And, the Frontline has zips on both sides of the bug net, meaning that it doesn't matter which way round you hang it. I have the Travel Hammock and have not really found the 'non-breathability' to be a problem. I tend to sweat quite a bit at night but have never woken up in a pool of my own making.

    If I were buying again, for the first time, I'd definitely go for the Frontline.

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    I know its not one of the two, but I highly recommend the Nomadsland hammock. Very good value, huge size and packs down tiny.
    I have a DD (non mozzie net one) and its hardly ever used because the Nomads if far superior (imo).
    These are the ones that Magikelly used to do as a group buy on BcUK.
    Lakeland Bushcraft offer a great service too.. (I have never met them, owe them money or anything like that. Just a happy customer).

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    Depends where you are going I guess. Into the unknown I'd take the travel hammock, doubling up as a bivi in a pinch would be handy if you find yourself in say hilly terrain with not so many trees...the midge net will certainly help keep out any unwanted company...

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