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Thread: Foraging On West Pennine Moors

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    Big thanks to Mike Wilkinson, who I met up with this evening to get a bit of foraging training...

    It's a skill I haven't looked into yet and Mike showed me a few "Definite Edibles" that I am now confident I can spot again, when out on future walks... Mmmm lemony and Mmmm cressy !!! Oh and bilberrys... !

    Also showed me some of his "budget" kit, which has got my scrooge like tendencies racing !!!

    Thanks again Mike, hope to meet up with you again for my next lesson

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    If there were a 'Like' button on the forum, I'd be pressing it now.

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    Sorry I've not responded sooner, I've been rather busy with work recently.

    Was a pleasure meeting you, I'm glad I was of some help, I'm all about budget bushcrafting amd DIY. V.Glad you enjoyed the mini foraging lesson, it is knowledge that I am still gaining but what ever little I can pass on I will. Just exploring Vetch at the moment, a form of wild pea that is proving very tasty and also the pith of Rosebay willow herb.

    Thanks again for your kind words.

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    nice one..

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