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Thread: Are you a lightweight lugger or a heavyweight mule?

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    Uh when i can be asked to pack light weight i can, but if im in a rush i just get a big bag filled up
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    Everything feels heavy to me
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    I'm an in betweenie...

    I can pack light when it comes to everything except sleeping kit.

    I'm finding these days that I just can't do lightweight foam sleep mats, self inflating mats or narrow sleeping bags so either have to take heavier (thicker) mats & a pillow or else look fwd to sleepless nights.

    Made a hammock in the summer and used it couple of times with a tarp but hammock needs some mods so I'll be working on that in the spring. My cheap Tarp & hammock is lighter than my tent(s) and mats but has one major drawback - needs trees...!
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    Quote Originally Posted by paul standley View Post
    I'm an in betweenie...

    I can pack light when it comes to everything except sleeping kit.

    I'm finding these days that I just can't do lightweight foam sleep mats, self inflating mats or narrow sleeping bags so either have to take heavier (thicker) mats & a pillow or else look fwd to sleepless nights.
    Same here, I'll wear the same clothes quite happily for weeks on end if it means I can have my comfortable sleeping bag, mat and pillow. Got my pack down to 8kg including 3 days food and 2 litres water, cooking and fire kit, axe, hammock and tarp last time I went out. Using an Osprey exos 48 to pack it all into.
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    I'm a bit of an in betweener. I usually come in at about 12 kgs in a 60 odd litre lowe alpine, never full, but never far off. The rucksack weighs in at a couple of kilos, but it wont split or let me down. I hate not having what I want at hand, but often get it wrong. switched to a hammock for the spring, so comfy and leaves no trace compared to ground dwelling. Dont think I could ever get my kit down to a 25 litre bag. I like having a bit of space left in the bag for rummaging etc Im giving up carrying an axe, prefer battoning compared to the weight. Starting to plan a GR10 hike across the french pyrennees so I will have to get lighterweight soon? Its a relly long hike so I will be looking for lots of info and advice, and yes I realise I will have to be fit as hell before i start

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    Im a heavyweight lugger, I carry 15stone around every day lol a few extra Kg dont worry me too much ( providing im not hiking up snowdonia)

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    Just weighed my bergen packed for an over-nighter in a hammock, 65 litre pack (nowhere near the lightest available) plently of room left over for spare clothes and food. Not packed food yet but have 2 litres of water.
    3 season sleeping bag packed in a hunka bivi (mainly to keep it dry in the pack)
    self inflating sleeping mat
    Swedish army mess kit with cutlery, enamel mug, tea bags, lighter and spare fuel packed inside
    first aid kit
    torch plus head torch
    MSR water filter
    2 litres of water
    map and case
    small plastic sheet to sit on

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    I thought I was a bit inbetween but in fact after the last trip I need a pack mule or sherpa lol!!
    I have been trying desperately to get my weight down but am struggling!!! The latest step has been to buy a new pack, I have gone from and 85litre trac pack to a 65 litre snugpak rocket pack.
    I yet to use the new pack so cant comment on it although I wish I bought a sabre 45 with pouches, and as the snugpak still has tags on I may just stick on ebay!!! Unless anyone on here fancys a swap??
    But the theory is that havig a smaller pack I wont be able to pack as much gear so will therefore be lighter.
    Anyone got any good tips?

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    I am the type of person that loves the camping part of being out in the dirt. I absolutely hate the part of getting there. So I prefer to either let the car do the heavy hauling, or go with just my lunch or supper, and some bushcrafty knives and brew kit, and stay so close to home that if the weather turns nasty, I can just go home, and most likely be there within 10-15 minutes :-)

    But if the trip has a purpose other than just setting up a camp, and sit around a camp fire, drink beer and pass wind, like fishing or hunting, I'll haul whatever I think necessary for the trip. But I will still hate every step I have to take...ha ha, in the army my squad mates used to make jokes about that low grumble of profanities that was always emitting from me when we where out for a "walk in the woods" as our
    fitness fanatic of a plattoon co called it...he never complained about it though. I was always right on his tail. Wish I was that fit again, and that I did not have to run or walk a meter to achieve it..."#%"#%!%!R% !!!"
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    mule but I am still learning, on my first overnight camp I thought it would be a good idea to take a pen and pad and write down the items I didn't really need, after a few hours at the camp with everything set up nice and comfy
    I got the pad out only to find I had left the pen behind! such is life
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