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Thread: Deep Cycle Batteries - Caring for Them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashley Cawley View Post
    ...I loosely knew of the sine-wave issue but don't know the science behind why it's different or how it damages certain things, I'm glad you told me to avoid charging other batteries or running IT equipment off it, that's got me worried about the laptop thing at the RCS now, is there some sort of plug I can plug into the inverter to modify the sine-wave? I'll be looking at all the links you've provided soon, thanks again!
    I wouldn't worry too much about stuff being damaged, it just doesn't work. I believe some items have a tendency to start to overheat which will give you an indication that somethings not quite right.

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    The Inverter needs to generate a Pure Sine wave from the "off" There is no way of moderating it afterwards at sensible money. The more money you pay for an Inverter, the better sine wave will be; so Antares and Victron will be good enough to run anything but the ones from Wun Hun Lo of Shanghai may well not be good enough.
    IIRC, the fussiest item that you can put through an Ineverter is a 230vAC fridge!
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