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Thread: Tenkara - designed for bushcrafting ?

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    That's really interesting to hear, there are several stories on the Tenkara forums about sea fishing and catching 16" fish on these incredibly fragile looking rods with no reel to play a largish fish so good to hear. It adds support to the reason for my original interest of it allowing you to have a "universal" fly fishing kit that could be carried in a rucksack while adding negligible weight and bulk.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Sapper4083 View Post
    Didn't Robson Green do something similar in his last series of Extreme Fishing ?

    Watch from 15:58
    Depends what you mean by similar. It uses a telescopic rod, but Tenkara is 100% artificial fly and involves a lot of casting and moving around just as British fly fishing does.

    Interesting video though :-)


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