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Thread: Rules for Buying & Selling - MUST READ!

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    Exclamation Rules for Buying & Selling - MUST READ!

    Here are the rules that buyers & sellers must adhere to, they may change over time so I would recommend checking back to this page every time you wish to buy or sell an item here. It is free to buy or sell on NaturalBushcraft, there are no members fees or commission charges.

    Rules for Sellers

    This area of the website is provided for community members to buy/sell unwanted kit, this area is not for repeat trade purely in the pursuit of profit. You must read all the rules below before selling on here.

    1. No Commercial Sales
    If you're a business selling products or a maker then please don't post here, we used to have a 'Makers Market' but it was abused and withdrawn as a result.
    No repeat items; we don't want brand new kit on here just being sold for the purpose of profit, however if you have a new item of kit that is unwanted your fine to sell it on here, just don't repeatedly post the same type of item or similar products etc.

    2. You must contribute to our Community before you can sell (and continue to contribute)
    You must have to have made 50 posts or more before you can sell here.

    3. Make Sure It's Bushcrafty/Outdoors/Camping themed
    This isn't a place to sell your car, flat or sheep. If in doubt don't post it.

    4. Read, Copy & Paste the Following
    Your post will be removed unless you include the following in your post:

    I am selling this item as a private seller and this sale is in no way the responsibility of or any of its moderators. I promise to use this area to sell unwanted kit, not to repeatedly list similar items in the pursuit of profit.

    When you have started your thread to sell and item and have pasted the above paragraph into it, then you are encouraged to provide as much detail about the item you are selling as possible, please provide a description, specs or photos where applicable. Please encourage payment via Paypal this offers some protection for both buyer & seller.

    Rules for Buyers

    Whether you are buying or selling it is your responsibility of due diligence to trade safely, using secure services & making sure you don't get ripped off.

    1. You should use paypal for transactions
    This is an effort to protect you the buyer from getting ripped off, if you run into trouble and don't receive the item you're buying then Paypal offers options for disputes and getting your money back.

    Happy Buying/Selling!

    NaturalBushcraft does not take any responsibility for transactions or trading on this forum.
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    Remember to post the disclaimer in every sales post! From now on we will delete every sales thread that does not contain the disclaimer!

    Also; please remember to post your sales thread in the appropriate forum! "Buy, Sell or Gift Kit" is for private sales and "Maker's Market" is for craftsmen selling their goods.

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