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    Talking Military Mart

    I purchased three "unissued" Swedish M59 shirts from Military Mart last week.
    On arrival I opened them and was disappointed with two as they were obviously not "unissued" with a repair on one and small paint splodges on another, the third was fine though maybe not new.
    I emailed customer support and they were extremely helpful, it would appear their picker may have gone to the wrong bin for the order.
    I sent the two back but was surprised to find the replacements arriving before the return had!
    The plus point was the two arrived still pinned to the cardboard and in the original cellophane wrappers.
    I have to say I was so delighted I ordered a couple three more which all arrived in the cellophane and pinned to the original card.

    Really good to have a positive thing to say regarding a retailer especially in the surplus sector.
    All I can say is I'm impressed!

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    I have to say, although I've not used MM, I've heard great things on a different forum.
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