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Thread: Re-posting of a Camping Checklist App I made. 22 Categories.

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    Re-posting of a Camping Checklist App I made. 22 Categories.

    My apologies if this is posted in the wrong place.

    I'm re-posting a "camping" checklist app that I originally posted around May 2016. Some volunteers from here on naturalbushcraft installed that version but reported that it did not display properly.

    I've overhauled it and hope that I've fixed the errors.

    The picture posted is what you should see.

    May I ask for some volunteers to download and install this new version and give me feedback on any problems you encounter, or give me suggestions, or corrections.

    If you encounter display or other problems, please, if you can, tell me what the problem is, and your screen size, its resolution in pixels, its density in dpi, and Android version.

    • There currently is no iOS version.

    • Apk Size: 1.6MB

    • The application is targeted for Android KitKat 4.4 (API 19) and upwards. The minimum Android version is IceCreamSandwich 4.0.3 (API 15).

    • The app should display properly on devices with or near a 4.8" display \ 720 x 1280 pixel resolution \ 320dpi density

    There is still minor display (spacing) problems on the older Android version of 4.0.3, or with larger 7" screens such as the text on the main screen being a bit too small, but its overall functionality should not be impaired.

    • Tested On: Samsung GT-I9305 LTE running Android (KitKat) 4.4.4 (AMCHA v9 ROM), Windows PC BlueStacks App Player, and Coby Kyros Tablet running Android (IceCreamSandwich) 4.0.3.

    • The app does not have any device permissions. There's no paid for PRO version. It's advert free. There's no analytics. It doesn't track what you do. What you see is all it does, and all there is to it.

    What is it?
    On the surface, this app looks as though it was done with a Prepper or Survivalist mindset, but officially it's really just a Camping Equipment Checklist that I originally made for myself. I kept adding to it and it grew and evolved out of all proportion into what it is now, and then I had the strange notion to share it. Admittedly, a lot of this stuff is most likely unnecessary, pointless, or even far too gimmicky - but I include it anyway.

    It should be understood, the app is NOT a teaching device, nor is it a condensed survival manual. It does not tell you how to make fires, build shelters, set up traps, nor does it impart survival techniques. On Blurb [Page] 2 however, there is a lot of general broad-stroke camping\survival ideas, pointers, helpful hints, tips, and suggestions that might be useful. The list is by no means complete, nor in any way authoritative nor absolute in how you should do things.

    Merv's U l t i m a t e Urban\Rural Equipment Checklist is just an extensive list of items (in 22 categories) that are available to you for when you assemble your Land-based, Urban \ Rural \ Bug In - Bug Out \ Civil Disorder \ Homesteading \ Wilderness, Pandemic, Disaster, Emergency Support \ Every Day Carry, Camping Kit, Package, or Bag - or, in short, your LBURBIBOCDHWPDESEDCCKPOB.

    In creating this app, typing a seemingly endless list of items took its toll on my sanity, and to alleviate the monotony my strange sense of humour injected some things into the lists that serve to highlight and underscore the ostensibly absurdity of such an all-encompassing, all-inclusive, checklist. Experienced people may well look down upon it with derision and scorn, as well they probably should, but people new to the outdoorsy lifestyle, should hopefully find it useful in some way.

    The Categories...
    Food and Water \ Cooking
    Fishing Kit
    Signalling and Communication
    Shelter and Comfort

    Weather and Bug Protection
    Sewing Kit
    Tools and Knives
    Fire Making
    Weaponry, Hunting, and Trapping

    Carrying Equipment
    Hygiene and Sanitation
    Medical Kit

    Climbing Equipment
    Clothing and Footwear
    Vehicle Stuff
    Homesteading and Boltholes
    Babies and Toddlers

    Pets and Animals
    Additional and Other

    The application is provided AS IS without any kind of warranty, either expressed or implied. The author nor naturalbushcraft, shall in no way, be held responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages incurred due to loss of electronic data or equipment. Since the application does not access nor modify anything on your device (other than taking up space), I do not foresee, other than a compatibility problem, any real technical issues.

    Known App Problems
    When you exit the app by pressing the home key on the device, and then restart it, it opens not on the launch dashboard, but on the page you were last viewing. To resolve this issue, you need to long press the device's home key and then swipe the app from the recently used list. For the app to open on the dashboard, it is best if the user selects 'EXIT APP' from the dropdown menu.

    The app currently is not available on the Google Play Store, or any place else. I have yet to implement some kind of intent-filter in the manifest.xml file.

    Downloading and Installing
    Since I am unable to post .apk or .zip files directly, I've had to change the .apk extension to a .DOC extension. If you download the file, be sure to change it back to .apk by viewing file extensions on your computer, then change MtBChecklistDec17.DOC to MtBChecklistDec17.apk.

    People using their mobile device to download this app may have a problem of some kind. I'm not sure why. It would be best to download it to your desktop using a regular laptop\computer, and then to transfer the file to your phone.

    Plug your phone in to your computer and copy the file to the Phone\Download folder, or someplace - maybe even to your External SDCard.

    Make sure your Android device is able to install it by checking your Settings > Security > Unknown Sources checkbox. This needs to be checked. If you have a problem downloading this file on a mobile device, try checking this security option.

    Using either My File, ES File Explorer, or some other file explorer, navigate to where you copied the app. You should see a little white icon vaguely resembling a hunched down guy with a backpack, and the file name, MtB'sUrbanRuralKitChecklist. Tap it. Tap install.

    I think that's everything. All being well, the app should run, and more importantly, display properly. Fingers crossed.
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