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Thread: BCB CRUSADER MK2! Meths burner

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    BCB CRUSADER MK2! Meths burner

    Little bit of fishing on the lake with a bru and some food to end the weekend off, testing out the new meths burner i got on the bcb crusader mk2 fits perfectly and so easy to use,its abit thirsty though haha.

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    Nice pics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BJ View Post
    Nice pics.
    Thanks shame i didnt catch

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    Nice trip out, and may your lines never go slack :-)
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    How did you find the temp of the burner? I tried my Trangia in the MK11 and wasn't too impressed as very soon it was 'overheated' and burning out of control! I think the base of the pot is too close to the flame

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