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Thread: Berghaus Centurio review.

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    Berghaus Centurio review.

    I bought this rucksack this week ,ordered it on Wednesday and received it on Thursday from Sop outdoors in Hampshire at a cost of 54.99 plus parcelforce 24 delivery for 7.99(I didn't want to wait)
    The service from the shop is excellent.
    On to the pack itself.
    On first opening the package the sack seemed very small,much smaller than my other 30 litre sacks this was because it was flat and not opened out yet.The sack is a short /wide type as opposed to my other sacks which are tall/thin types.
    Once opened out it seemed a lot bigger than my other 30 litre sacks.
    The sack is the usual excellent Berghaus quality,well made and top quality materials.
    The sack material is Ardura 100 and is stitched with nylon thread.The sack has a Durable Water Repellant coating which really does work and when it stops working a quick run over with a hairdryer will bring it back to life.
    I also got the side pockets and an extra karrimor omni pouch to strap on the front(these have had many reviews elsewhere ).
    Okay ,how does it feel?When empty it feels quite stiff and uncomfortable,fill it up and it is transformed into a nice comfortable pack.It rides quite high on the back.I think it's designed to be worn on top of webbing so that the webbing belt supports the sack from below.It does feel comfortable even fully loaded(load list below) and without support from below.I does have a waist strap,this is for stability rather than load bearing.
    There isn't much I can say about the build quality of this sack except that is is the high quality you expect from Berghaus.
    So,onto the pictures.I have pictured it as the bare sack,and also with all the pockets added,the side photos of the bare pack show the side attachments without the supplied straps,these are the same straps as the ones on the side pockets.I removed them as I don't use them,they'll be staying on the side pockets as I will use them as a daysack.There are 2 ice axe loops fitted to the front of the sack along with 2 plastic clips further up the sack to hold the ice axe handles,I have removed these as I won't use them.The omni pouch fits onto the webbing straps on the front of the sack but after trying it I found that it didn't suit my needs because I don't carry enough kit to fill it along with the side pockets.

    Here are the photos:
    For those interested the kit I had in there was enough for me to spend 2 nights in the woods.
    3 season down dossbag
    Exped synmat 7 DLX
    ipk groundsheet
    Alpkit rig 7 tarp
    Highlander hawk bivibag
    3 litre camel bak unbottle
    50 litre drybag
    waterproof jacket and trousers evernew cookset 500ml meths
    spare batteries
    washing up liquid
    3 in 1 coffees
    Long spoon
    hand gel
    repair kit
    3 dehydrated meals
    Home made bag to keep all the bits in.
    I would sometimes be carrying a folding saw in the pack.I carry a swisschamp and a 4 inch woodlore clone too.
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    more photos
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    thanks for the review!

    3 dehydrated meals for two days? I'd need to supplement that ith 10 yorkies!

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    The meals were designed for an arctic expedition that never happened,I picked them up dirt cheap.They are all about 600calories and unusually for dehydrated food they taste great.The yorkies are in my pockets,I also take some tracker bars.
    If you think about it,you have breakfast at home before you go.That leaves lunch and a main meal,next day is breakfast lunch and main meal,the next is breakfast ,lunch and then home for a main meal.You don't really need to carry loads.Although I do tend to carry extras,bacon and sausage sometimes.

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    Nice pack, and very good review. I'll be looking for a new 30ish litre pack soon, I don't think there's many miles left in my ancient munro. Every time I pick it up I'm wondering if it'll drop the content out the bottom of it.

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    I have a couple of packs but the one I use most is a Golite JAM2 it's 50 litres but never full and weighs less than a pound.The centurio is going to get a pasting now for a while to see if I can use it instead of the Golite.I try to be a minimalist as possible without compromising comfort and safety,I did a kit list somewhere,I'll try and find it.

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    A very thorough review. Thank you.

    It looks like a good pack for the money. How much does it weigh?

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    which pocket did the dog go in ?
    Don't sweat the small stuff - and it's ALL small stuff...!

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    It weighs just short of 2Kg and the dog went in every pocket, one after the other.When I have my kit out for packing he's in the bag like a shot,he used to have his own dossbag but he ate it so now he sleeps in mine.

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    Chris, how's this rucksack doing? Any probs like stitching coming away, zips breaking etc. How comfy is it on a walk, sweaty back?
    It's a toss up between the centurio or the old skool looking Fjallraven 30 for my new rucksack. Possibly a Karrimor sabre delta 35.


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