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Thread: On dartmoor are the animals dangerous?

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    On dartmoor are the animals dangerous?

    are the animals dangerous on dartmoor? or is there anything else to look out for. Eg: People, Satanic colts? that stuff?

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    The animals on tje moor are no more dangerous than they are in a field. Give cows with calfs a wide birth, so they don't see you as a threat.
    I don't think you need to worry about satanic cults. I think you've Been watching too many movies!

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    Satanic cults!? lol. Now you come to mention it Roadkill Phil did mention he heard choir singing whilst treking along the river Dart a while back, which was a bit odd, but I've camped along there many times without witnessing any sacrifices, so I think your alright.
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    Lol just me being paranoid mate lol and can you link me to a video about it bro very interesting stuff and thats cool never heard of any bad things either and a few years back there was that thing going around doing satanic cult on rare breeds of sheep in dartmoor or something. thats why i was worried about that lool thanks tho guys

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    Large black dog comes to mind.
    “For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by BJ View Post
    Large black dog comes to mind.
    Haha I saw that and thought even worst XD But then I found the other news report saying its a womans dog LOL

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    You got to watch out for the beaversnakes ...and don't forget the little haggis's... Vicious little things, but those don't come out 'till winter....

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    Also beware the ponies; they may appear docile at first, but they'll turn about and kick with their rear legs in the blink of an eye. (I managed to duck out of the way though.)
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