Is it just me, or are 58 bottles getting smaller?
I always knew the Webtex one was small, but I thought the BCB ones were supposed to be legit.
I have an Osprey one that is a nice snug fit inside a Crusader mug. It holds 2 pints, which is just that bit more than 1 litre.

I was in a shop today and I saw 58 bottle by BCB that was in warry green.
'I'll have one of those,' I thought.
But when I got it home it was quite loose on the mug. I checked their website and see that BCB's bottles are listed as 950ml!
That 150ml makes all the difference.

I feel a bit hard done by.
I can't take it back because there's nothing wrong with it.

Was this always the way with the BCB 58 bottle or have they recently shrunk? I always had the impression they were meant to be as good as the Osprey ones.

The Webtex ones are no bloody good. Can anyone else recommend a 58 bottle that is actually 2 pints and not smaller?