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Thread: A Family hike in NZ 2014

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    A Family hike in NZ 2014

    I turned 50 this month and to celebrate we decided that this years family holiday was to be a week long tramp. Well to be fair, it was my idea and Jus, my wife, agreed to it in honour of my 1/2 century. She also graciously pledged not to moan about the weight of the pack or the length of the km's, on the priviso she was supplied with enough chocolate. She did really well with only the occasional reminder of "Remember your pledge!" required.

    I selected the St James Walkway for our trip cos it's family friendly with big huts, all major river crossings bridged and no gut busting climbs. The tame ol St James usually takes 4-5 days, but with the kids [Theo aged 10 and Ella 8] I figured we would need 7-10 days.

    I didn't like the idea of carring 10 days food for the four of us however, so my brother and I walked the route the week before, dropping off food at stategic places. We therefore took a few extras and had treats hidden near each hut for the kid's to hunt for. A couple of those small 180ml bottles of Chardonnay were included to help Jus focus on her pledge!

    Although the trip was well planned out and the kids are used to overnight trips, I worried about a lot of 'what if's'. I have an Emergency Beacon but also decided to take a mountain radio for another tier of safety. The radio provided us with daily Wx forcasts and enabled us to make phone calls to friends and family.

    Well the trip was just magic Jus and the kids acquitted themselves well and we all had a great time. It in fact went far better than I had dared to hope. The adventure captivated the kids who didn't miss their screens at all [although once we were out I admit there was a headlong rush to the computer and TV!]

    Anyway heres a few photo's from a proud Dad...

    Team footsore launches into their adventure.

    Cannibal Gorge Hut was a welcome sight at the end of the first day

    Checking out an old avalanche path

    Deer sign!

    Cullers Hut

    Wild Horses of the St James

    Christopher Hut

    Horse spotting from the hut

    The main food stash recovered at Anne Hut - Kids happy to find Coke and M&M's

    We had a rest day at Anne Hut -eating up plenty and passing the time with cards, reading and kite flying

    Old pig sign not far from the hut. We didn't see any animals with the kids, but on our cache laying tramp my bother and I spotted two porkers and a hind.

    Next days walk over the low saddle into the Boyle River was made in the wet, but the rivers were still easily crossable.

    Camped out at the Rokeby Hut that evening, amongst the playful sandflies.

    The last night was at the new Magdalen Hut

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    Happy belated Birthday Footsore!
    Many happy returns!
    Brilliant trip! It's obvious you all loved it just from the smiles on your faces.
    The wild horses and the rope bridges must have been magical for the kids...
    Good plan by stashing the food caches along the way !!
    Thanks for sharing

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    Great photos - thanks for sharing.
    "If you were to ask me what I consider to be my finest achievement, I could answer the question without hesitation: teaching." ~ Raymond Blanc.

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    Happy 50th Birthday! Looks like a beautiful trip.

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    Wow. Sounds like a great trip. I hope I don't have to wait till my 50th to convince the family to come on a multi day hike!

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    Great idea, excellently planned and executed. Well done!

    Oh, and happy birthday.
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