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Thread: Anyone For Tiffin

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    Anyone For Tiffin

    I was in Sainsburys today and in their seasonals section they had some camping stuff.
    The thing that caught my eye was a set of stainless steel tiffin style pots/mess tins. Only 7.50 for the set!
    I didn't buy one (the last thing I need is more cooking pots) but wish I had now (at that price they've got to be worth a play), and there may be some of you out there that are looking for a new set of pots.
    I think they look quite good - the set has two pots, a 800ml one (great size for one person) and a 1200ml one (which might be tight for two, but depends on what you're doing). It's not clear if both pots come with lids (shame, because the 800ml is likely to be most use) or just the bigger main pot does.
    I might pop back in there and get myself a set. Or if any of you already have one maybe you can let us all know if both pots do come with lids?

    Anyway, here's a link to the set from the Sainsburys website:
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    Great spot.

    Looking at the contents, it seems like there's only one lid:

    1 x Layered Tiffin Style Cook Set
    Includes: Fork, Spoon, Knife, 2 x mess tins (1200ml and 800ml capacities) and plate/lid

    Still, for 7.50 looks to be worth a punt.


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    They had these last summer as well. Was tempted at the price but just didn't need it.

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    Went to have a look see, just a tad too big or I might have had a set, still, for that money they can't be too bad ?

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