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Thread: Amok Draumr 3.0 Hammock

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    Amok Draumr 3.0 Hammock

    I have just received my new hammock, an Amok Draumr 3.0. and tarp. It's a bit different to the DD frontline that I am used to. I saw one of these set up and was impressed with the flat, wide sleeping position. sleeping on your side or front are both easy with this hammock. The integral bug net in it's own compartment is easy to zip up, and set up is simple as well with colour coded carabiners on both the hammock and tarp. Both the hammock and the tarp come in their own stuff sacks which are attached so I can't lose them. Sleeping is at 90 degrees to the ridge line. It does require a sleeping mat and this slips into a zipped compartment and give the hammock it''s flat sleeping platform. I used an ex-ped 9 LW, this is the long and wide version with internal insulation.
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    only set up in my garden at the moment to test. I will use it in the woods later this month and can update the review then, but it does look promising for a comfortable night.
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    Those are very nice, but to far up the posh end of the price range for me.
    But congratulations with an excellent hammock, designed in Norway :-)
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    Look forward to a review, as FF says, a bit too much for my pocket, I did have the opportunity to get in one once, found it a bit awkward tbh, but that was a one off, I'm sure you'll soon learn the ways of it

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    That looks nice BJ, I hope you love it....please do update this post when you have used it more with lots of piccies and you thoughts good and bad, Tiggs
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    I backed the Hammock on Kickstarter and when I received mine I gave it a good trial and test. Mr Shugmery did a good review of it on You Tube. He considers it to be the most comfortable hammock he has ever tried and I heartly agree.

    The longest time of the whole set up is inflating your mat to fit in the hammock to provide its rigidity. It is the most comfortable hammock I have ever used and glad it did not take too many hammocks to get there. It is very comfortable for front side or back sleeping, making it into a chair for sitting is easy. I consider it to be like sleeping in a bad a home only better because you are out in the woods and can easily get a gentle swing on like rocking a baby to sleep

    Everything about it is good the only thing is if you are an ultra light backpacker then it is not the lightest set up for hammocking/sleeping. But the comfort far out ways that problem for me. A good nights sleep can not be beat.

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    Amok update

    Well I used the Amok for a solo trip last night in South Wales and was impressed with the comfort for sure, Getting in and out is really easy and doesn't pose any problems at all. The set up was quick, even with my additional XL tarp for a protected area. I have spent many nights in a DD frontline and wouldn't knock it, but for me sleeping on my side is better and the Amok is good for this. The mozzie net deploys well and With arms like a gorilla I can reach everything from lying down. The tarp that came with it is not the same as the one I saw originally (thanks Pete it was your demo that convinced me) and is equilaterally symmetrical with no writing on the inside to give an indication of position because it fits both ways. I will be out again next weekend in Yorkshire and will add any comments from that trip as well.Click image for larger version. 

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