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Thread: why do you forage?

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    why do you forage?


    I'm undertaking a small research project for my anthropology degree right now, looking in particular at why people forage, at the aims and subjective experience of foraging as a way of interacting with food and the environment.

    I'm trying to gather a little more information and was wondering if anyone has any interest in having a chat to me and answering a few informal questions by email or phone about your experiences and practices? Any information would be really appreciated and confidential of course.

    If anyone's interested please let me know via email / PM. Thanks so much!

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    The reason I forage is simply for the sheer pleasure of being able to and knowing what there is available and when.

    My fascination with the Neolithic and ancient technology has brought me onto bushcraft and herbalism.

    Also the thirst for knowledge , the ability to identify edible , useful and medicinal plants and fungui are something that give me great pleasure and I am trying to learn as much as possible , as well as passing it on to my offspring.

    This knowledge , almost forgotten by us , was an intrinsic part of growing up and learning to look after ourselves.
    Our elders or parents would spend a great deal of time hunting and/or gathering in order to provide a meal for the family and/or community.
    I suspect , as a young adult you would be expected to be able to help and earn your keep.

    I think there is a healthy reward and a very positive impact of teaching our young ones the basics of this , especially focusing on the season changes and the benefits and downfalls of each of those as well as the characteristics of the specific environment.

    That's my reason , and I hope it helps.

    Hope also you share with us your work and wish you the best of lucks with your degree!

    Kind regards

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    Only reason I do is that I think it is an important skill and habit to pass on to the kids. One day they may need that knowledge up her at 68*N.
    Besides, blueberry, cloud berry, and lingon berries are delicious on the waffles :-)

    Personally, I think it is an utterly boring activity, but luckilly my wife is very eager at it. So while she is out picking berries, herbs and mushrooms with the kids,
    is stay at the lakeside or beach...whatever is at hand, fishing, and making brews :-)
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