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Thread: Opinel Modification

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    Opinel Modification

    My knife needs aren't that great.
    All I ever need a knife for is opening a pack of Super Noodles, or cutting up a pepparami, or a bit of carving.
    That kind of thing.
    Trying to be responsible I normally carry a simple non-locking folder (one by Joker Knives - a lovely looking thing it is. And dead sharp). But it has folded and cut me on more than one occasion, and a couple of weeks ago it did it again and this time it was quite a serious wound.
    At that point I decided I'd had enough.
    I don't need a big fixed blade, so I thought I'd get a simple locking folder.
    And because that tanto-blade, combat, death, survival knife (in tactical matt black) isn't really my kind of thing, I thought I'd keep it simple and buy myself an Opinel.

    And that's what I did.

    I really wanted a No6, but the shop I bought it from was out of them, so I got a No7 instead.
    I wasn't so keen on the shape of the blade, mainly because the point looked like it was just waiting to snap. So I decided that I was going to re-shape the blade and also decided to shorten it a little - by about 1/2".
    Then to the handle.
    I've seen people do all kinds of clever things with the handles, but most of that is beyond me. I found the shape of the handle to be quite comfy so I decided against doing anything too elaborate. A sanding to remove the varnish, then cut in some grooves to aid grip, then more sanding to smooth out the angled edges, then a dark stain, and finish off with a bit of oil.
    Here's the result:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Next thing was to make a pouch for it. I decided that I want it in a neck pouch rather than a hip pouch. Out with the 3mm veg tan leather hide and off to work. And then to make a cord for it out of three strands of leather thong braided together:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    And I suppose the last thing is to try it out. Over the Easter weekend I was out for a stroll and whilst sitting beneath a tree having a mug of earl grey I did a bit of whittling to see how the knife performs. More than adequate. It's lovely sharp. I carved myself this little bird, which I then secreted in the gatehouse of a local church, high up in one of the corners where only the curious would see it...
    Click image for larger version. 

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    As I said, my knife cutting needs are slight. If I'm going to have a fire then it's usually in a firebox so only need to cut small pieces. For that I use another Opinel - one of their saws! I did this knife in the same style as I did the saw (which I've had a few years now) and here's the pair of Opinels together:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm really impressed with the Opinel stuff. Great tools at great prices. They do all I need to do - what more can you ask, eh?
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    Your knife use is the same as mine...and I bet 99% of all of us :-)

    Nice peronalisation of an iconic knife. Mine is hardly ever used, but I prefer the belt knife when going into the woods. It's important to have it at hand, and not having to unlock the blade, open it, lock the blade in open slice open that 10 pack of hot dogs... :-P
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    Nice touch,
    I used to carry mine in my pocket and have had it something like 45 years, I did grind a bit off the collar about 40 years ago to stop it opening in my pocket (I believe this is now done by Opinel).
    The last few years I have carried it as a Necker mainly because I would hate to loose it now and I know where it is.
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    That looks really nice Humakt. And good job on the sheath. I don't carry my opinel much these days. Might rectify that as it really is lovely to use. And as you say, more than adequate for most of my needs.

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