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Thread: Nettle soup time!!!

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    My nettle soup recipe

    You need:

    Yourself and a friend.

    Say to a friend that you could make some nettle soup as long as they supply some of the ingredients.

    Boil some water in a pot, add nettles. Now this is where the friend is helpful.

    They add bacon, and a gammon joint,beef,potatoes,onions,lamb,carrots,a couple of whole chickens,sausage,duck,rabbit,steak,eggs,beef wellington,turkey,goose,squirrel,pigeon,cabbage,mo re steak,prawns,lobster,mussels,some beer (save a bit for yourself), cod,bass,salmon,bread,champagne,boar,and a sprig of rosemary.

    Simmer for a few minutes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martin View Post
    Thanks Mike, they sound delicious. A really good reason to let the garden go wild.

    might have to do this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kieran View Post
    might have to do this!
    I'll be down the woods later! There is lots and lots of nettles down there!!!

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