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Thread: What is best for sharpening your knife and tools?

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    Question What is best for sharpening your knife and tools?

    Hey everyone,

    Just wondering what you think is the best thing you use at home or at your camp site for sharpening ur knife and tools? Like ur axe and thing.

    Hope to hear from yous


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    Whetstone first then paddle strop.
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    The materials do play a part in the result, but I would say one of the most important factors is patience and attention to what you're doing. Being able to maintain the same angle all the time and work through grits is really all you need. I've seen amazing results with the most basic materials but it all boiled down to working from rough grinding to polishing in one form or another. I believe there's a knife/axe maker in the UK who made a set of MDF boards with different Aluminium Oxide abrasive papers stuck to them and he gets superb results.
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    I used emery paper glued to a flat smooth surface to good effect for several years. Cost me about 1:20 for three grades of emery.

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