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Thread: Whats in your fire kit?

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    Whats in your fire kit?

    I actually carry two of them. One is part of my belt kit, but I have been to lazy to bring it
    for the last two years, it's been sitting on a shelf in the shed. So I went and brought it isnide to see if everything was still there, and it was :-)

    The belt kit is my low tech kit. The goal is to keep nothing modern in there, as this one is purely for fun.
    The kit is in a leather belt pouch and It contains:

    In the leather pouch there is a couple of candle stumps, some quartz and normally some birch bark, a couple of sticks of fat wood and a #Opinel folding knife (stainless, as the carbon is by experience going to rust in there). The knife is for cutting shavings from the fat wood. It also holds a bearing block for ise with a friction fire kit that is somewhere in the shed. It is made from plastic and must go!

    The rest of the low tech fire kit is kept in yet another leather pouch for extra water proofing. This inner pouch contains:
    Two tins. One tin conatins:

    - My viking age copy of a steel striker. Bought it at the viking museum here in town, and it was made by a real black smith :-)
    - couple of pieces of flint (kindly given to me by members of the forum.
    - Some ready made char cloth (only two left, must make more)
    - A roll of hemp string (excellent tinder).
    - A piece of amadou
    - A piece of chaga

    The second tin is my char cloth maker, and when opening it I found it full of half charred cloth, I must have tried to make some, and failed :-)

    The hi-tech kit:

    This is where I keep everything modern, and this is my real life saving fire kit. The one I turn to when I am done playing, and just want to get the kettle on and something warm down my neck ASAP. This kit is kept in a modern day 1 litre dry bag In the dry bag there is a large zip lock palstic lunch bag. And inside that every item is kept in asmall zip lock bag to make sure it all stays dry. I keep this one tucked away in my go-bag that contains my brew kit and some other bits and pieces.

    1. A BIC ligher.
    2. A small plastic box containing 10 storm matches
    3. A zippo lighter (useless as the gas always evaporate during storage)
    4. Extra wick and flint for the zippo
    5. 5-6 ranger bands made from bicycle hose
    6. a zip-lock bag containing a length of vaseline soaked hemp string. When lit it burns like a candle. Fray the end and it will light from a fire rod.
    7 cotton pads, with a dash of vaseline inside, takes sparks from a fire rod.
    8 Swedish army fire rod with striker.

    As an extra addition to the fire kits, I carry a belt kit molle magazine throw pouch. I use this to gather birch bark or other good tinders on my way.

    On my person is also my knife with a fire rod on the sheath. This is what I use 95% of the time as I cant be bothered with digging all the stuff mentioned above out of the various pouches and bags. I do not smoke anymore, so I do not keep a lighter in my trouser pockets anymore.

    How 'bout you?
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    Mine has:
    Firesteel and striker
    Mini Bic lighter
    A piece of fatwood
    A bit of cotton wool
    A bit of birch bark
    One small hexi tab.

    All in an altoids tin in my pocket. I carry more birch bark and fat wood in a zip lock sandwich bag in my pack. But the tin will always have enough in it to get a fair few fires going in good conditions. Or guarantee a fire in foul conditions if I use the whole lot in one go!

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    Firesteel and striker
    Hurricane lighter
    Wax coated cotton wool pads
    Small sealed plastic bottles with glycerene and potasium permanganate crystals (for challenging conditions)
    Small tin of vasalene (don't ask)
    Some compressed cotton wool , other tinder.
    All for fun really I mostly use the lighter.
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    Just having a tidy up and resupply of my fire kit. I carry a few methods of lighting, including tradional flint and steel; ferrocium rod; matches and normally a bow drill set too.

    Need to stock up on some tinder though. Only got a few scraps of amadou left, a few pieces of Cramp ball and some jute twine. Of course I always carry the obligatory cotton buds in vaseline and a piece of inner tube.

    There should be some birch bark and pine resin in there normally. Could do with making some char cloth too.

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