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    Right, so bring the axe along and we'll have a look see. If you have pliers or a leatherman bring them along. It'll probably take about 20 mins to draw up a pattern for the axe mask. It also means that I'll need to bring some kit that I wasn't going to, but that's not a problem as I do some work for Spanner and the boys and have a lock box down there.

    Don't joke about walking boots, they're a nightmare. I can however teach making moccasins, make quivers for your arrows and make ranger belts. All of which just take far too long for a weekend.
  2. Thank you for taking the time to reply and for the info...
    I have never had a go at leathercrafting ,so I dont have any kit, (happy to buy some!?)
    I was hoping your demo/trial period will be the start of a new interest for me.

    I have struggled to find anyone running coarses in West Cornwall... I like to get instruction, am not interested in the trial and error approach.

    I thought an axe head cover would be good to start with, then the western saddle or pair of walking boots for the next lesson

    As a complete novice I am happy to do as you suggest.... As an ex martial arts & fencing instructor I know its best to learn to walk first.

    Best wishes,
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    Hi mate, yes I will be one the one teaching leathercraft, I was going to do a demo on wetforming and bring some pre-made forms so people could put them together. I normally bring a number of craft knives, cutting boards, awls, needles, waxes and threads. I'll also have a few pricking irons, hole punches, overstitch wheels and edge bevellers.

    Any kit that you have (especially things like the overstitch wheels or pricking irons and a mallet) would be good if you can bring it.

    If there is anything specific you wish to learn or make let me know and we can either chat about it on here or before we get started when we are there. All the best,

  4. I know all about the , "long time ago' thing mate... where the hell has the time gone.?

    Had some dealings with PARABAT and Rhodesian LI lads, certainly good lads to have on your side. Also a mate who was at the K strip... hard drinker, Talked about floppies !!!!
    (The R4, if I am right its a modified IDF Galil !? )

    Anyway enough of the ''pull up a sand bag and tell me a story ""

    Your welcome to the mounts mate, having a grands worth of gat there and not being able to play would drive me potty !! Actually more potty

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    Haven't touched an SA80 Dave as I was in the SADF in the eighties and the rifles I used were the R4 ( and the Kalashnikov. T'was sooo long ago mate!

    My man says the Weaver mounts are in the post (Friday) so, hopefully, I should get them Mon or Tues. If I don't see 'em by then, I'll take you up on your kind offer! As for the garden, I can zero to ten yards but I've made a few enquiries with a couple of ranges here in London about using their 25 yd ranges.


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    Didn't get the long message but just read it now on your page Dave. I'm just waiting on some high Weaver mounts to arrive before sighting-in the rifle. Apart from that feels good in the hands, if a bit heavy (but I don't mind that as I used to carry .762 and .556 in the army!). Rifle came with a bipod which is going to help with aiming when sighting in, and I've already fitted my Klarus torch on one of the rails. There's so many toys to be had for Weaver rails, I'll have to stop myself and use the rifle naked before adding lasers and whatnot!

    Yep, I'm looking forward to the op. so I can get back to work and not need to pop pain pills all day long - probably accounts for some of the ranting I've been doing on this forum!

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    No, Dave - I got the message. It's not very clear what to do really.

  8. Good news ref the rifle buddy, should Help pass the time...[ a pain ref the weaver mounts, there is always something !]
    IF I remember correctly there was picatinny mounts on the forgrip ??!!
    May I ask you what the weapon costs?
    Used to have a stealth co2, that was a take down. We used to bunny bash a lot... for various farms and mostly for a horse sanctury near St Just. They damage the little buggers do!

    Good luck for the 26th... I have had 3 of my M'arts collegues have that op, years of ''turning in'' to throw and hard ground work randori. A mugs game realy, but it paid well. I was lucky. I got out at 42.
    I understand you visit Newquay, have you been down to Penwith? Are you down at Easter?
    Well its 12.15, think I will hit the pit.

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    Got the rifle today! Unfortunately the weaver mounts that came with the scope are too small, so I'll have to wait a couple of days before they send me larger ones so I can zero the scope. My discectomy's on the 26th January so I should be able to get out again about a month after that.

    I'm really looking forward to meeting you and the other guys soon!

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    Thanks for the message David. Unfortunately, I'm housebound and not even in the office at the moment. Hopefully I'll be back on my feet again soon, and I may even head down to the beach myself!

    All the best

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