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  1. Iain, I've answered your question on the main forum, which is the best place for it so that everyone can easily see our conversation. The yellow box of tricks is a Garmin Etrex H which is a great little gps device. It's a no frills attached gps which tells you where you are, where you've been and where you're going next. It doesn't have any built in maps or any other gizmos so it's very easy to use. Having said all that, I would never go onto the moors without a compass as it is the most reliable piece of navigational equipment you can get.

    If you want any other info please let me know.
  2. Hi Martin, i was watching the video of you on the moors and wandered what exactly was the problem with the 'Travel tap' ? I was considering getting one as they are reasonably priced.
    Also may i enquire as to what you navigational equipment was? (the yellow piece of kit, lol).
    Thanks pal,,,,Iain.
  3. Why not post a separate thread for each item? That way, people will give you a more detailed answer for each item rather than a general answer for all of them.

  4. I'm looking where to place my thread now - all kit in one section or seperate tread for each piece of kit ?
    thanks Martin....-Klause
  5. Of course you can ask but if you post your question in a new thread on the forum, you'll get everyone's opinion.

  6. I'd like to ask your opinion on some kit (i see its an interest of yours) if thats ok Martin ?
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