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  1. Going to copy and paste my PM to you into my welcome thread, it'll be easier.
  2. Just looked at the website for Glyn Y Mul farm; WOW! Looks amazing, can't wait. I've been palatial poshcrafting for the past 6 years and prior to that 10 years in a 3 man dome that weighs about 10kg. It'll be nice to get out and try to remember some long forgotten light weight (semi light weight anyway) skills. To give you an example of the type of camping I've become used to (in order to get the wife involved) the tent is a Gelert Horizon 8 with the side porch which we use as a separate kitchen. This is a link to the typical camp site we go to, this particular one we will be going to for the 3rd time this summer We have also booked to go to Grondre in Tenby over May bank holiday So you can see I need rescuing LOL. The earliest I will me able to manage an overnighter will be 21st May, let me know if this is convenient for you.
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