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  1. no need for apologies pal. we all busy these days.had a great xmas and ny hope you did too.
  2. Hi buddy,

    Sorry not been online much and when I have it is has been quick resonses via my phone. Hope you had a good Xmas and New year.
  3. how do mike long time no speak!!
  4. Hi Al, let me know when you are about and I'll do my best to meet you. Not sure when I'm going to be available for an overnighter now, most my weekends are now booked up with family commitments between now and Xmas.
    a meet up with open dates just click the dates u think are viable and we'll all meet up, open to suggestions for camp place so all comments greatly recieved
    best regards Al
  6. hi mike had a good look on the saintly google earth and some os maps ( free printable ones too lol) that area seems great i will have to come up and have a scout about maybe see you up there regards Al
  7. Hi Al, I got your message, sorry I've not responded quicker but I've been away with work with the only access to NBF through my phone. The Picture is taken over at Tockholes Plantation No3. Near Darwen. I use that area quite often as it is a little less busy than Rivington and has some excellent mixed woodland.

    The Grid reference for that particular camp is SD 661 205.
  8. hi mike!!! did you get my message on one of your penine pics/ best regards Alvino
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