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  1. I'm not yet sure about this, (I've got others asking me similar questions with that area) let me have a think on it this evening bud.
  2. Thats ok then! Im not in business but I do churn out a fair amount of stuff, at the moment my kitchen is home to 4 chimineas and 2 firepits! Think of it as hobby craft, I make stuff cause I like doing it but I would like to make some cash out of it so I can buy more tools, etc! Would that be ok to post some chimineas and firepits for sale then? If not thats cool!
  3. Hiya mate,

    As you may have seen by some of my postings, one of my hobbies is metalwork. Im looking for somewhere to sell the stuff I make, I have read the T`s & C`s of posting things in your for sale section and it states that business items are not allowed which I understand. Would you class what im trying to sell as a business? Its just a hobby really but would be nice to make some money to cover costs and the odd bit of beer money!


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