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  1. Hiya Butch, Sorry only just seen ya reply fella, didn't get no notification tag !. Been flat out since I bought a 27' Heavenly twins catamaran at the back end of last year.Its in Newhaven, Sussex (500m round trip from here) Ive spent a lot of time down there getting her ready to sail round to west Wales in 3-4 weeks time. Ime bringing her round with my lad and Paul (Ichneumon off the forum)Should take 5 - 10 days depending on the prevailing winds. Definition of a boat....a hole in the water you pour money into, let alone time, but its all good fun.Sorry to hear about ya back mate, people dont know what sort of pain you go through with disc probs, you having any therapy for it ? You still pally with Ben, dont see much of him on the forum now or Shepherd. Anyway Buddy good to hear your still with us lol atvb Ken
  2. Hey Butch, Not seen ya on the forum for a while you ok fella ? Ken
  3. Wye aye bonnie lad, Nice to meet you finally at weekend shame the westminster chime wasnt there but I'll get to meet him sooner or later. Did you enjoy the w/end, I did but its over too fast, gonna put you on my friends list. ATB, Ken
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