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  1. happy birthday!!!!!
  2. it's good fella,time sorted thanks for the reply.
  3. Yes the forum did go down for about an hour in the early hours of the morning. Thanks for letting me know about the server-time, I think it's correct now.
  4. i was on when it went down about 1 am it seems fine now but when i scroll to the bottom time an hour out lol it 9.10 now screen says 8.10 lol
  5. Glad you enjoyed me kicking the kernow-king's butt! I think the server went down overnight, but the time seems fine to me now on here, how about you?
  6. is it me or is the time out??? lol
  7. the one with the kings whoop assing!!! lmfao i did!!!
  8. Which one?
  9. great wrassling vid!! lol
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