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  1. Cheers Ash!
  2. Happy Birthday!
  3. Hi Mike, Thanks for your lovely message about the site and our community I'm glad you like it here. I do try to make this a friendly, open & honest place, it's non-commercial too so hence why I don't mind individuals selling their own second-hand gear to other individuals but we don't have businesses selling gear.

    Thanks for getting in touch about the "gifting it on" idea, I will PM you about that now

  4. Hi Ashley,

    We haven't conversed before I'm Mike from West Yorks Hi!

    I firstly have to say that this little community you have going is fantastic & it's great to chat to like minded people & when I'm able to I am really looking forward to meeting up with a few folks! What makes the biggest difference is the ability to be fully involved in the forum even as a relatively new member! Un-like BushcraftUK!
    Everyone is really forthcoming & genuinely friendly! Its a testament to you!

    My thought for getting in touch is I noticed that you are limiting a sales market, good thing better for the Hobbyist!
    Any how I have used the 'Gift it On!' thread on bushcraftUK a bit like swopshop but there's no I want to recieves, just I have on offers & the cost is to the sender, thought the same idea would be good on here, if ok with you?

    Whats your thoughts & Thanks Again

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