View Full Version : Learning to hunt rabbits and pigeons in Cornwall

03-09-2015, 07:59 AM
Hi All

I would like to learn how to hunt rabbits and pigeons properly and how to prepare them once they are shot.

I do have access to a decent air rifle but I have not really done any shooting for some time.

Any ideas?


ian c
03-09-2015, 09:36 PM
Ask around your area farms ect for permission ensure you have got insurance for your air rifle also ask them if they would like any help, also go to a local gun club as more than likely there will be someone there that does vermin control who might be willing to help you.

11-10-2015, 05:39 AM
Would Helston Gunsmiths be able to point you in the right direction regarding clubs and gear?

11-10-2015, 12:14 PM
lost of hunting forums, especially on facebook, with people going out on a regular basis who should be able to show you the ropes. as mentioned ask around local farms, etc but make sure you are up to date with your gun safety etc.

14-11-2015, 09:41 PM
Whatever do is do not be tempted to go on land you don't have permission.
Rabbits tend to be active in the morning and evening.night time is good but thats a different ball game.jusy find an active burrow set up down wind and wait patiently.dont shoot the first one that pops out.wait for more to present themselves.dont shooy them too close to thier hole.when they bolt for cover they do tend to stop briefly.this is your second chance shot.
Above all please make sure you can hit a 50 pence size area every time from various ranges before you go out in the field